What is CordAdvantage?

What is CordAdvantage?

CordAdvantage is being developed at Americord’s Research and Development facility in upstate New York. This new technology is capable of harvesting even more stem cells than can be harvested in a typical cord blood collection today.

CordAdvantage is a proprietary process developed by the Americord research team that harvests stem cells from cord blood in the placenta and the umbilical cord. By increasing the stem cell yield, CordAdvantage dramatically improves the usefulness of preserved stem cells and therefore addresses the one of the most significant limitation of cord blood banking.

More Of The Most Valuable Stem Cells

What makes CordAdvantage so innovative is its proprietary process that harvests stem cells from cord blood found in the placenta in addition to cord blood found in the umbilical cord. Until now, getting a large volume of cord blood rich with HSCs from the placenta has been difficult.

Stem cells from cord blood in the placenta are identical to stem cells from cord blood in the umbilical cord.  This type of stem cell has been used in the treatment of over 80 rare blood diseases and is proposed in use for hundreds of other diseases and disorders.

When Will CordAdvantage Be Available?

Americord has a commitment to pioneering innovations that will help families today and tomorrow. We will bring this new advancement to parents as soon as it is available!